State Auto Extends Partnership with CCC to Include First-Party Casualty

Michelle Hellyar / Auto Insurance, Casualty, Company News /

CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) announces today that State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company (State Auto) has selected CCC as its first-party casualty solution provider, extending the companies’ relationship. Now State Auto can manage auto physical damage and first- and third-party casualty claims through a single digital workflow, powered by CCC.

CCC’s First-Party Casualty solution digitizes bill intake and review. Insurers’ specific rules are automatically applied to each claim, dramatically reducing time-to-payment. The solution delivers data analysis to help insurers benchmark performance and identify trend activity.

“Digitizing the first-party casualty claims process is the next frontier in our digital claims journey,” said Paul Stachura, Senior Vice President, Chief Claims and Risk Engineering (CARE) Officer, State Auto. “As we evaluated solutions, CCC’s technology once again rose to the top. We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with CCC and see our vision for an end-to-end digital claims process become a reality for our team and our policyholders.”

CCC Casualty includes both first- and third-party solutions for insurers. CCC’s First-Party Casualty solution applies an intelligent rules engine to process claims data quickly and segment payment-ready bills from those that require manual review. CCC modernizes existing chaotic, paper-burdened systems with a comprehensive, configurable experience to help insurers make timely, consistent payments across bill types. Analytics dashboards provide access to industry trends and benchmarks. CCC’s Third-Party Casualty solution applies AI and biomechanical analysis to injury causation and bill review, increasing accuracy and reducing time, labor and cost associated with the third-party casualty claims process.

“State Auto is a leader in digital adoption and we’re proud to provide technology to advance their vision,” said Naved Siddique, Group Vice President, Insurance Services Group, CCC. “From telematics-based accident validation, which can kick off a claims experience, to mobile and AI, State Auto is applying the most innovative technologies and data to create a singular, digital experience for policyholders. It’s exciting to see our solutions support the future the industry has previously only envisioned.”

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